The Freedom to let your Soul relax once in a while....

Be far away from it all and finally free. And yet still feel like you’re right at home. With the almost endless options in Eura Mobil’s living environments, we create magical living spaces in your motor home that allow you to forget everything around you. The perfect place for memorable moments.

People's tastes vary. And just like your living room at home, you can also choose from all kinds of options for your Eura Mobil living environment: luxurious and stylish with the "Navarra” interior in the fine wood look, or more natural and muted with the “Chalet” style line in a bright, wild oak look.

With their excellent colour harmony, which creates contrasts and a high-quality, stylish and at the same time homely feeling, both lines are most impressive. The walnut surfaces and shades of creme are offset with ivory-coloured accents, for example, while handles and decorative strips draw the eye with their stylish chrome look. The patently high-quality finish of the individual pieces of furniture and installations makes every seating area offered by Eura Mobil a stylish living environment. So comfortable and spacious, in fact, that the journey to your destination might actually never be long enough.

And a wealth of other important details, such as integrated noise attenuation in the wall-mounted cupboard doors or the highly durable lightweight materials, may not be immediately obvious, but you’ll come to value them every single day.

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Navarra | Gallery

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