Furniture Know-how

The 1,000-Piece Jigsaw

Did you know? The furniture of a large A-class model alone comprises almost 1,000 parts. This complex task calls for the furniture of our motor homes to be designed using state-of-the-art CAD workstations. These ensure superb precision and a safe design. The three-dimensional represents ensures practical furniture designs. The result is quality you can see and feel.

Our Own Furniture Workshop
All our furniture is made in our own workshop. Modern, computer-controlled CNC milling machines are just as important here as the craftsman skill of our employees.
Solid Door Handles
Stable metal handles and doors with solid wood frames bear testimony to the sturdy, long-lasting quality of Eura Mobil furniture.
Practical Details
Lots of small details, such as the rounded edge guard on the seat boxes, ensure maximum everyday practicality.
Furniture Profile
Invisible yet efficient: the additional aluminium profiles in the wall units ensure increased resistance against twisting. This helps to avoid material stresses and therefore annoying creaking noises.
Superb Stability
The supports for our furniture designs are made from wood that is up to 3 cm thick – for reliable and stable furniture-making.
It is Eura Mobil's passion for detail that makes its furniture what it is. This includes precision and design safety, along with many decades of experience, which have allowed us to come up with the very best solutions for every question and every need.
Drawers with Soft-Stop Technology
Smooth-running and stable metal drawers, which are even self-closing with soft stops for particular convenience, are the highlight of the base unit (from Profila T).
Lightweight Upper Floor
How a feel-good climate is created: the underfloor surface is insulated in Eura Mobil motor homes, while the floor surface is insulated and also heated from underneath.
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