Double floor in our motorhomes

5,400 Litres Luggage Volume

To offer you every kind of freedom, all Eura Mobil motor homes are suitable for use all year round and specially equipped for the "great escape". Your independence comes from the full-length heated double floor with a storage capacity of up to 5,400 litres. For long journeys and / or trips with up to six people, your Eura Mobil is well-prepared: up to two batteries and up to 150 litres of fresh water can be accommodated in the double floor.


Large Water Tanks
Up to 150 litres of fresh water can be accommodated on board as standard - protected from frost in the
double floor.
Technology Space
The on-board technology disappears completely into the double floor - keeping the interior free for your
travel things.
Floor Hatches
Allowing comfortable access from inside to the storage space and / or on-board installations.
Large Garages
Thanks to double floors and / or garage lowering, you can enjoy a clearance in garages of up to 125 cm.
Lightweight Aluminium Reinforcements
Stable and lightweight reinforcements support the floor surface and give you plenty of scope to make the best use possible of the storage space available.
The batteries are accommodated in a protected, space-saving way in the double floor. (Profila T: under the passenger seat)
Service Traps
The service traps with fully insulated inlays and double seals protect against potential heat loss.
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