Integra - A-Class Liner

  • Travel with up to 5 ppl.
  • Passengers can make themselves comfortable in up to five (I 700 EB: four) seats with safety belts.

  • Luxurious atmosphere
  • Light as the central design element for stylish design and atmosphere

  • Maximum storage
  • Up to 3,000 litres (I 890 EB) of storage space in the rear garage.

  • All-year-round travel
  • Winter-proof superstructure, water installation entirely within the heated double floor.

  • 10 years guarantee
  • A 10-year guarantee against leaks and a 3-year furniture guarantee ensure a truly stress-free holiday.

  • Underfloor heating
  • The heating pipes installed in the upper floor heat the floor's surface and, together with circulated warm air throughout the double floor, act like underfloor heating.

  • Bonding methods
  • With modern bonding methods borrowed from the world of aviation technology, the result is a fully sealed superstructure without any screw connections through to the outer walls.

  • Woodfree walls
  • The walls are protected against hail damage and moisture-resistant and fully insulated.

Luxury living on the Move

With our new Integra flagship, we are completely re-defining the top end of the motor home market. The emotionally striking, yet functional and safety-conscious lighting design both inside and out accentuate this liner's luxurious character. Subtle ambient lighting and state-of-the-art LED technology combine to create an impressive symphony of light. High-quality materials, first-class workmanship, stylish architecture and the extremely spacious interior design come together to form an incomparable atmosphere of well-being. Climb aboard and be enchanted from the very first moment of your journey.

In the new Integra, we offer you a furniture architecture that has been developed exclusively for our new top model. Glossy wall units with high-grade wood appearances and broad chrome inlays testify even at first glance to this luxury liner's premium-class aspirations. A lavish abundance of chrome elements can also be found in the base units, and in a host of other details. The otherwise matt surfaces of the furniture, as well as the work surfaces, furniture side panels and wall elements which are designed in light cream shades, stand in appealing contrast.

Pure Luxury - the new Flagship

Luxuriously upholstered seats with exclusive stitching offer the perfect invitation to sit on the comfortable pilot's seats or on the comfortable and stylish sofas. The highquality materials and skilled workmanship that has gone into every piece of furniture in the Integra highlight the tasteful character of comfort and style. The solid, twin-pedestal table with up to 7 seats (three-axle model) forms the heart of the living room. The visual connection to the wall units in the living space is created with elegant, moulded parts, producing a harmonious unit of the living space and driver's cab. And the precisionadjustable ambient lighting creates the perfect mood, either during the day or at night. 

Delighting Gourmets

The kitchen in the Integra will leave even demanding chefs open-mouthed. This is because here too, Eura Mobil combines luxury with practical details. Take the extractor hood which is included as standard, for example, or the electric lift, which lowers the espresso machine out of its elegant glass display cabinet. Even an oven is included as standard on board, while the 160-litre refrigerator comes with a 30-litre freezer compartment. The worktop and storage compartments are indirectly illuminated. The worktop-mounted three-hob cooker and stainless steel sink are transformed into extended work surfaces thanks to their glass or chopping board covers when not in use.

Exclusive Suite - But on Wheels

Even the spacious bedrooms in the Integra mean almost limitless comfort: the generous wardrobes have plenty of space to offer even long winter or evening wear without any problems. Dimmable ambient LED lighting bathes the room in soft light, while bright reading spotlights make bedtime reading a pure delight. The spacious beds are designed as a central bed (I 890 QB) or as single beds (I 890 EB and I 700 EB) and can optionally be ordered with massage mattresses. And under the beds, an especially roomy garage offers plenty of space for luggage, sports equipment and much more.

Oases of Wellness

The Integra's luxurious oasis of wellness greets you in the morning and is available all day long whenever you need to freshen up. The spacious bathrooms in the Integra 890 EB and Integra 890 QB (pictures left) as well as the variable-use central washroom in the Integra 700 EB (picture right) leave no wish ungranted when it comes to wellness and comfort. Our motto for each of these bathroom designs is to create superb luxury with stylish elegance and a practical edge.

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