Activa One 630 LS Dinette

Activa One | Standard Equipment

Premium Advantages:

  • New lightweight construction architecture
  • GRP bodywork uses bonding technology from aviation
  • Lightweight construction floor plate made from GRP
  • All floor plans < 2,900 kg
  • Up to 2,000 kg towing load
  • The winter professionals
  • Insulated and heated top cabs
  • Water tanks in the heated double floor
  • "Cellar storage space" for travel equipment in the double floor

  • The storage space giant
  • 37 cm high double floor throughout
  • Storage space in the double floor can be custom-partitioned (option with Eura Mobil contract partner)
  • "Eura Mobil Sealed Structure"
  • Decay-protected GRP chassis
  • Robust aluminium panels
  • Wood-free walls
  • Hail-protected walls and roof


  • 130 HP engine
  • CCS wide track low-slung frame (1,980 mm gauge)
  • ABS + ASR
  • Driver / passenger airbag
  • Fix & Go breakdown kit
  • Daytime running lights
  • ESP including Traction+ and hill descent control
  • 16" wheels


  • Superstructure winter-proof according to EN 1646
  • Bodywork fully protected from hail with walls and roof made from GRP
  • Lightweight construction double floor throughout, insulated and heated
  • Storage space in the double floor GRP-coated (floor and walls)
  • Lightweight construction floor plate made from GRP and additional aluminium profile reinforcement
  • Wood-free GRP walls, insulated throughout
  • Floor-wall joint without cold bridges
  • Roof edge profile made from painted aluminium with joint sealing
  • Top cab edge profile made from GRP with joint sealing
  • Sturdy chassis side skirts made from painted aluminium
  • Heated and insulated top cab
  • 2 windows in the top cab
  • Fold-out top cab floor
  • Safety mesh in the top cab
  • Wall thickness of walls/roof/floor: 30/32/38 mm
  • Extra-large garages thanks to 37 cm high double floor
  • Electric access step
  • Trumatic Combi 4 heating
  • Seitz insulated window with mesh screen flush with the external wall
  • Service flaps with double seal, insulated inlay and self-closing locks
  • Single-key system for the entire superstructure
  • Access door with window and waste bin
  • Large tail lights in a modern design
  • Mini Heki skylight over rear section (except 630 LS)
  • Mini Heki skylight over front section

Living Space

  • Two-tone furniture décor in Arizona ash and ivory
  • Curtain to the driver's cab
  • Entrance area with mirror and wall panelling in upholstery fabric
  • Wall units with aluminium profile reinforcement
  • Noise insulation for wall unit doors
  • 7-zone cold foam mattresses
  • Floor covering in wooden flooring look
  • Upholstered fabrics: Borneo


  • Flow-Line design kitchen with flowing transition to the seating group
  • Refrigerator, 140 litres (630 LS: optional)
  • 3-ring hob with electric ignition, glass cover and large work surface
  • Drawers with metal roller runners
  • Deep wall units; divided, with slide guard
  • Water tap with turning non-drip outlet


  • Plenty of space to move around thanks to ergonomically optimised room division
  • Central washroom with integrated shower cubicle (570 HS, 650 VB, 690 HB)
  • Rear washroom with separate shower cubicle (630 LS)
  • Storage closet and mirror
  • Cassette WC with large roller-mounted tank

Water Installation

  • Fresh water system made from Hartflex plastic
  • 140-litre fresh water tank insulated and heated in the interior *
  • 2 drainage valves for fresh water
  • 100-litre waste water tank insulated and heated in the double floor
  • Fittings with ceramic cartridges
  • Siphons to prevent odours
  • Complies at least with the state of the technological art set out in 03/2009 (Directive 2002/72/EC)
  • Pressurised water system

* Volume of water in drive position 25 l. If there is sufficient residual cargo, the water tank with a marked capacity of 25 l can be filled to its actual capacity of 140 l

Electrical Installation

  • Electrical distributor panel easily accessible under the passenger seat
  • 80 Ah gel battery
  • On-board control panel with separate displays for water, battery and charging voltage
  • LED reading spotlights with real glass
  • Light switch system with household logic system
  • Ceiling lights
  • Number of 230 V power sockets: 2
  • Number of 12 V power sockets: 1
  • 16 A charger
  • USB ports: 1
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