Quality - a guarantee of security

Feel at home in your Eura Mobil while you're travelling. The quality of the materials, reliable technology, a harmonious interior design and all the smart details and accessories create a sense of security and a unique perception that is difficult to define. Just feel the handle of the bathroom door in your hand, or walk barefoot on the heated double floor, enjoy the tasteful ambient lighting, appreciate the self-closing doors and drawers, and you will understand why so many experienced motor home owners choose Eura Mobil.

This relaxed, Eura Mobil lifestyle is perhaps the hardest part of our work to communicate - because it is the sum total of numerous separate details that combine together to produce a feeling of unshakable solidity and safety. Come and experience that feeling at your nearest Eura Mobil dealer.

Quality that sets you free

A motor home means freedom from having to make bookings and extensive forward-planning for your destinations. To liberate you as far as possible from the constraints of travelling time and choosing places to stop, Eura Mobil attaches great importance to all equipment features that can bring you added independence and autonomy. Large water tanks of up to 150l volume, up to three 105Ah body batteries and, in the top category, standard equipment fuel cells are just a few examples of this type of equipment. For travelling in all seasons, Eura Mobil vehicles are set on a winter-heated double floor, which also serves as a huge additional storage space for almost unlimited travelling.

Eura Mobil: Your own personal declaration of independence.

A double floor for more flexibility

When you’re at home, do you let someone else tell you what to put where? Why should things be any different in a motor home? Eura Mobil’s double floor throughout the vehicle gives you maximum freedom of choice. You can decide for yourself how to divide the storage space and your dealer will insert the separations according to your individual needs. The plastic dividing shafts in the floor can be rearranged later to accommodate other uses. The service traps in the floor and in the side walls give you easy access to your “cellar”. And all that extra space adds to the large garage. Make the most of your Eura Mobil freedom!

At home with top-quality furniture

Eura Mobile sets very high standards for its furniture. That’s why we make it in our own workshops. Our over 50 years of experience in caravan construction makes us specialists in the field. Eura Mobil furniture proves its worth thousands of times every day when our campers are used for rental. Structural features like the aluminium profiles with integrated ambient lighting and silencers in the wall units, household quality hinges in the hold, solid metal door handles are just a few obvious examples of the quality of Eura Mobil furniture.

Top quality - every day

Probably the greatest compliment paid to Eura Mobil vehicles is the high level of customer satisfaction which always results from the surveys carried out by the various professional magazines. This could be due simply to the fact that a Eura Mobil camper “just works!”. Eura Mobil vehicles are characterized by their robust materials, high-quality equipment, precise craftsmanship and smart solutions. Countless design solutions ensure reliable use, day after day. The modern, pressurized water system is a major asset in guaranteeing perfect living comfort: water flows out of the metal taps in the kitchen and bathroom from the large fresh water tank, which holds up to 150l, powered by a low-pressure water pump that ensures just as efficient water pressure as you’re used to at home.

The easily accessible water pipes are installed in the double floor, thus avoiding taking up any space in the interior. Waste water is collected through an odour-proof siphon pipe into a tank. Waste water is evacuated through a frost-resistant drainpipe located within easy reach in the double floor. Thought has also been put into "little things" like a saucepan-height water tap in the kitchen and a double plug-hole in the shower. So you’ll enjoy your quality of life right down to the last detail, every day.

Top quality - all year round

If you don’t want to be restricted to summer travelling only, it pays to take a closer look at Eura Mobil’s all-year-round concept. All Eura Mobil vehicles have a heated floor, high-quality insulation throughout and an entirely frost-proof water system. Our motor homes correspond to the stringent EN 1646 certification which requires that the seating area in the interior of the vehicle must be able to heat up to +20°C in two hours in outdoor temperatures of up to -15° C. But this purely technical measurement doesn’t do justice to the great sensation of walking barefoot on the heated double floor or enjoying a cosy heated top-cab bed in the winter. For customers who require particularly evenly distributed heating and optimal interior temperature control, the Activa, Contura and Integra ranges also have a powerful hot water heating system. Even our semi-integrated models ensure a comfortable interior temperature in extremely cold weather, as the driver’s cabin is fully insulated. Regular laboratory tests demonstrate the efficiency of the vehicle insulation - which is of course and advantage in summer, too.

Easy maintenance

You'll enjoy all the practical features of your Eura Mobil every day, but your "fun camper" is first and foremost a reliable motor home. Often it’s the apparently insignificant details that make all the difference: self-closing service flaps, a hydraulic bed height control which can be operated with two fingers, self-closing, soft-stop kitchen drawers, or the electric double lock in the cell door of our luxury vehicles satisfy the most demanding customers. Newcomers will also appreciate the uncompromising comfort right from the start. The top-quality door locks and solid metal handles are just as easy to operate as the smallest plastic accessories. Charming details like the foldout side tables and the convenient towel rails in the kitchen testify to the highly sophisticated design.

Easy sleeping

Sturdy beds with comfortable mattresses are the key to good sleeping in your Eura Mobil. Our campers live up to all expectation with the dimensions and the quality of their 7-zone foam mattresses. 2.10m x 1.65m top-cab beds, 1.95m x1.60m upper beds for the coach-built models and 90cm-wide single beds set the standard in each category. And you'll have to go a long way to find more than 70cm of headroom over the top-cab bedding platform! Snuggle down in ventilated and heated beds, with an optional panoramic glass roof over the bed for many of our models, made for star-gazers and incorrigible romantics.

Easy living

What use would cutting-edge technology be without the "feelgood" factor? That's why we have focused on creating an interior atmosphere around the spacious seating area. The trimmings and wall panels match the colourful cushions and combine with the tones of the furniture to give a harmonious interior impression. The ambience lighting fitted discreetly into the top units or the ceiling provides a harmonious magic touch. Efficient heating makes the camper as cosy as your home. In the bathroom and the kitchen you can rely on the modern water pump system with its long-lasting metal taps and pressurized fresh water just like at home.