A new lightweight architecture

Lightweight innovation

Their new lightweight design makes the new Profila semi-integrated, Profila RS and Integra Line LS models the lightest vehicles in their category. Thanks to screwless, adhesive joints borrowed from the aeronautics industry and the development of lighter and stronger fibreglass reinforced body parts, these models provide the best possible long-lasting quality at a very low weight. Just the new top flooring alone represents a reduction of between 25 and 50kg (according to type) compared to previous similar floor-plans. The other ranges will benefit from this weight reduction as Eura Mobil replaces the flooring of all vehicles. Thus new elements are used for the flooring in combination with the innovative material-saving adhesive joining technique. As a result, and even with the double floor, the 3.5t category nevertheless retains a storage capacity of up to 700 kg and more according to the mass of the loaded vehicle.

Reinforced body part design

  • screwless wall joints
  • construction is made lighter by rendering additional joint covers unnecessary
  • lightweight cabin-sprayed, fully adhesive-joined aluminium

Floor panels without additional reinforcement frames

  • reinforced polyurethane foam strengthens the wall panels
  • in this way additional aluminium joint covers are unnecessary

New lightweight top floor

  • PVC easy-clean top surface, deadens walking noise
  • thin plywood surface on outer flooring
  • special foam for light, reinforced 35mm insulation
  • bottom surface in damp-resistant fiberglass

Wood-free walls

  • heavy wooden structures replaced by light materials
  • light, hail-resistant outer walls
  • lightweight insulation throughout
  • light fibreglass, damp-resistant inner walls

Fibreglass body parts with lightweight insulation

  • all fibreglass parts reinforced on inside with polyurethane foam
  • lightweight, highly stable construction
  • efficient insulation