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04.11.2013 10:00 1 year

Modern luxury and unspoiled natural character: the Chalet-Mobil at the Caravan Salon in Düsseldorf

Eura Mobil presented a unique vehicle design study at the Caravan Salon in Düsseldorf (August 30 to September 8, 2013). From an entirely different angle, the Chalet-Mobil pursues the “wellness” concept promoted by Eura Mobil's SPA-Mobil at the previous year's Caravan Salon. In accordance with the current Alpine chalet trend, the manufacturer has transferred the idea of a modern relaxing, feel-good ambience to a mobile home with nature-oriented, sustainable interior design and furnishing. Two areas of excitement meet in harmony there: rustic, traditional and unspoiled on the one hand, modern, luxurious and in the finest style on the other.

The Chalet-Mobil, clearly identified for the onlooker by its natural wood exterior decor, reveals an entirely new world of experience when one crosses the threshold, one that is modern and traditional at the same time. Eura Mobil responds to the wish for a contented, welcoming atmosphere with furniture and the ceiling in wild oak decor that contrasts with the leather-trimmed furniture flaps. The light, rustic grained heartwood surface structure for the furniture is a striking feature, but the true eye-catcher is the fireplace positioned at the centre of the vehicle, with its white plaster finish and dark slate-surfaced mantelpiece. The kitchen worktop and shower wall are in the same natural material. The seating creates an equally calm effect with its substance and character: a table in wild oak decor complements the upholstered seats, the decorative bags are in real felt and the curtains have embroidered borders. Authentic detail is also evident in the cushions, lights and even the correct style of the lattice-bar windows.

The concept of using sustainable materials includes not only the real wood elements and the slate worktops in the Chalet-Mobil, but also the cotton upholstery, which is produced from recyclable fabric. The structured surfaces of these natural materials emphasise the contrast between the rougher mountain world on the one hand and the brighter, more polished modern world with its chromed, glass and mirror surfaces on the other. The interior, with the cosy, secure atmosphere of security it generates, retains its original Arcadian effect, but exhibits the finest artistic and craftsmanship standards.

In the washroom the shower is fully panelled with slate, as is the visually impressive washstand with its high-quality ceramic washbasin and chrome-plated tap fittings. The walls around the toilet seat, on the other hand, are in wood, thus providing once again an attractive contrast between rougher, country-style structures and smooth, modern surfaces. Attractively trimmed felt is used for the decorative bags for bathroom utensils.

Eura Mobil has carried the effect of unspoiled nature through to the lift-up bed and the driver's area: the front and underside of the bed are trimmed with suede leather, the lamps with their shades are authentic in style. Last but not least, leather-upholstered seats and wild oak wood trim on the storage compartments extend the ambience created in the remainder of the body to the driver's area.

The Integra Line 670 model in this completely revised Chalet-Mobil design none the less retains all its suitability for journeys and day-to-day use. Technical installations and the vehicle's equipment specification remain unchanged and are as practical as ever. Suitability for winter travel is also guaranteed for the mountain chalet-style model in the Integra line.

Eura Mobil is exhibiting the Chalet-Mobil at the Caravan Salon on Stand B 20 in Hall 10. To determine visitors' interest in further product developments in this direction, a survey will be conducted among motor-home enthusiasts.