TA 770 EB

A "big" Alcove from Eura Mobil. "Big" comfort in the living room, sleeping room and even in the kitchen with a lot of space. The new bed entrance in the foot area combines the advantages from a single bed and a double bed: easy bed entrance and wide, continuous surface plus garage. 

TA 770 EB floor plan

Technical data

ModelDuc. Maxi
Engine, standard2,3 ltr
Power output,96 kW / 130 HP
Engine, optional extra2,3 ltr.
Power output, optional extra109 kW / 150 HP, 130 kW / 180 HP
Tech. admissible gross laden weight5300 kg
Weight, ready for road3680 kg
Gross weight limit6000 kg
Trailer load, braked2000 kg
Axle load limit, rear3200 kg
Overall length8289
Overall width2334
Overall height incl. skylight3190
Internal width2174
Standing height1975
Double floor height466
Tyres225/75 R16C
Seating unit, front1900 x 1050
Seating unit bed conversion1830 x 1050
Rear bed2010 x 10502010 x 1050
Dimensions of drop-down bed1620 x 2100
Front bed/lift-up bed1150 x 650
Extension to X beds-
Occupant limit (with lap/shoulder seat belts)4
Additional seats (X persons)6
Wall thickness30
Roof thickness32
Floor thickness38
Flap size (W x H), front right850 x 1050
Flap size, standard (W x H), front left850 x 1050
Flap size, optional (W x H) front left-
Fresh water capacity150 ltr.
Fresh water capacity when vehicle is driven25 ltr.
Waste water tank100 ltr.
Gas holder box2 x 11 kg
Battery capacity1 x 80 Ah Gel
Basic vehicleFiat

Special equipment

Equipment packages
Comfort Pack for alcove and semi-integrated modelsS
Styling Pack alcove/semi-integrated modelsS
Touring Pack Terrestra T 650 EB/ 720 EB with drop-down bed Toilet ventilation (SOG system), Non-slip mat for garagefloor,Dashboard panel with Root wood effect, Gas pressureregulation: Truma Duo Control with remote indicator, EisExheating regulator and integrated crash sensor,O
Prestige Pack alcove/semi-integrated models w. Comfort PackO
130 HP FIAT engine (surcharge on 115 HP engine)S
150 HP FIAT engine (surcharge on 130 HP engine)O
180 HP FIAT engine (surcharge on 130 HP engine)O
Increased load limit
Full air suspension with auto. levelling 3 axles, 5,3 tO
Other options
Automatic gearbox FiatO
Spare wheel (depending on model)O
Fuel tank 120 lO
Living area door with central locking systemS
Alcove window - leftS
Trailer Coupling FIATO
Outside lightingS
Outside shower (cold/hot) driver sideO
Attachment system for rear garage - 2 fixing railsS
Sun Roof - Panorama glass roof, insulatedS
Roof canopy HEKIS
Roof canopy: Mini HekiS
Window in bathroom (dependingS
Gas socket - co-driver sideO
Rear corner steadiesS
Fly screen for body doorS
SAT aerial - fully automatic, only with option TV preparat.O
Storage trapdoor: add. garage trap (left) dep. on floor planS
Roof rack: cross bars (2) incl. fixing railsO
Dashboard panel with Root wood effectS
Loudspeaker (2) in the living spaceS
Furniture Design "Walnut"O
2 safety belts + comfort head-rests against driving direct.S
Insulating thermo-curtain to the cabinO
Insulation curtain (all round cab and floor insulation)O
Cabin blinds (wind screen and side windows)S
Bicycle carrier
Bicycle rack Quick-Block for 3 bikes (max 45 kg)O
Bicycle rack for 4 bikes (max 60 kg)O
Awning 5,5 m - mechanicalO
Heating system Combi 6 EH (surcharge on Combi 6)O
Heat Exchanger (engine heat generated while driving)O
Warm-air heaterS
Oven (depending on floorplan)O
Extractor hoodO
Large refrigeratorS
Technical services
solar panelO
Ambiance lighting above suspended cupboardsS
Second 80Ah Gel batteryO
Truma Duo Control with remote indicator, CS EisExS
Toilet ventilation (SOG system)S
Precabling for solar panelO
Upholstery "Sofia"O
Upholstery "Borneo"O
Upholstery "Dara"O
Upholstery "Roma"O
Upholstery "Cali"S
Upholstery "Bari"O
Upholstery "Pisa"O
Upholstery "Leather beige"O
Upholstery "Leather Grey"O
Pull-out flatscreen holder in overhead cupboardO
Pull-out TV-holder in TV compartment above refrigeratorO
Additional optional extras
Alarm system for doors and garage foldsO
Garage with non-slip mat and storage bagsS
Carpet in living areaS
S = Standard
O = Option (special equipment)