Eura Mobil GmbH
Eura Mobil GmbH

Wonderful prospects: start of construction for the new Motor Home Forum at the Eura Mobil plant


At the CMT in Stuttgart, Eura Mobil is unveiling its plans for the new Motor Home Forum to the public for the first time. The construction work at the plant in Sprendlingen will replace the Forum that was destroyed by fire. The new exhibition space will showcase not only vehicles from the parent brand Eura Mobil, but also motor homes from Karmann-Mobil and Forster together with the Challenger, Roller Team and Mobilvetta that have now been integrated into the sales organisation.

To facilitate this, the available space has been increased by 1/3 to over 2,800 square metres. The modern, attractive façade made from glass, as well as skylights in the roof area, make the interior especially bright and friendly and invite people to spend time there. The building is also being made higher to create a generous feeling of space. A second floor gallery offers additional space for seminars and training courses. On the exhibition floor, the individual brands are presented separately. An individual atmosphere in each area represents the character of the brand in question. A separate promotions area is available for temporary presentations by suppliers, partner companies or even tourism organisations. The building’s basement will be used for storage and as an additional workshop workstation. The building is scheduled to be completed at the end of the year.

Eura Mobil is looking forward to the new opportunities to showcase motor homes to new customers in the new exhibition hall. Especially popular among visitors is the combination of the plant tour and subsequent vehicle viewing. During the transitional phase since the Forum was destroyed, the manufacturer has been using a temporary open-air exhibition area on the plant's grounds to offer a brief example of the product portfolio right there on site.