Eura Mobil GmbH
Eura Mobil GmbH

Product configurator: simply and safely create your dream mobile home online


Eura Mobil is one of the pioneers when it comes to the online configuration of your dream mobile home. Any customer can now use the configurator on the manufacturer's website.

In addition to the easy configuration of the ideal fittings for the selected vehicle, the Eura Mobil Configurator also gives customers the benefit of the automatic checking of potential exclusion criteria within the fittings installed, and of the automatic representation of the weight situation as a function of any special fittings chosen.

One important reason for setting up the configurator on the website was the desire to invite curiosity on the part of new customers to try out online which loading options a Eura Mobil can offer “despite” the double floor and high-quality fittings, even in the 3.5-tonne class.  Even experienced motor homers are often surprised by the fact that the new “Activa One” top cab can accommodate up to 6 people on the road.

A second reason behind offering this convenience was the desire to provide customers as well as retail a convenient tool for creating packages. As a result, customers can have their personalised offer created at the press of a button by the Eura Mobil dealer using their personal configuration code once the configuration is complete.

To ensure the faster and more secure transfer of the vehicle data to the manufacturer, including the printout of the purchase agreement and direct ordering of the desired vehicle, the retail configurator also represents a perfect basis for the mobile creation of offers using the iPad at trade fairs or in the vehicle being looked at in the trading venue.

A configurator with this level of convenience is also available online from the sister brands Forster and Karmann-Mobil.

Attention: Configurator is working with German equipment, weights and prices!