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Integra 890 EB and 890 QB: a generous impression of space in an exclusive setting


For the German and Scandinavian markets, the new Integra 890 EB has taken on the role of Eura Mobil's new top-of-the-range model, while for the other export markets the Integra 890 QB will be the new benchmark.

Apart from the bedroom, both floor plans are virtually identical. Both are 8.99 m in length and are based on the AL-KO three-axle chassis. In the front of the vehicle, there is a spacious lounge with L-shaped sofa and side sofa for relaxation. The solid, twin-pedestal table with up to 7 seats forms the heart of the living room. Comfortable back cushions instead of end-to-end back rests and rounded, comfortably upholstered seats with an exclusive stitching style give the sofas their quality of comfortable elegance. At the press of a button, a flat-screen pull-out concealed behind the side sofa moves the TV upwards. In the driver's cab, a 150 x 185 cm lift-up bed with reading and ambient lighting can be lowered to a comfortable access height. The visual connection to the wall units in the living space is created with elegant, moulded parts, producing a harmonious unit of the living space and driver's cab. From the pilots’ seats, the crew has a wide view of the road thanks to the short dashboard and large panoramic windscreen. If desired, the monitor in the dashboard can be fitted with a twin-eye camera to allow visual control while manoeuvring but also to monitor traffic behind the vehicle. Even the positioning of the vehicle over the disposal chute can be controlled by camera and the drainage of the waste water valve can be triggered from the driver's seat. Visual protection and insulation in the driver's cab are ensured with various optional blind and roller shutter systems, as well as the double glazing in the side windows.

To the rear, an ergonomically shaped kitchen connects with the seating group and features a 156-litre refrigerator, worktop-mounted hob and large kitchen block. In the pull-outs positioned in the three rows of drawers, amateur chefs will find all the storage they require for their professional needs. The pull-outs with self-closing and soft-stop mechanism are also illuminated via the worktop's indirect lighting. Open storage compartments in a stunning slate-coloured surface on the kitchen wall provide further options for storing spices and oils. The stainless steel sink is filled via a spring-arm water fitting that is as stylish as it is solid. The pull-out cloakroom cabinet in the kitchen area is a particularly practical feature, keeping coats in the functional entrance area and doing away with the need to take them through to the bedroom. The path to the bathroom closes with an illuminated sliding door featuring floral inlays. The bathroom itself is a spacious room-sized bath with separate shower and one door each to the front of the vehicle and to the bedroom. The shower room equipped with a rain shower and colour-illuminated shower pillar features the same graphic as the bathroom door. The toilet room is as stylish as it is functional, with its ellipsoid mineral wash basin and large mirrored cabinet in front of slate-coloured walls.

In the bedroom of the Integra 890 EB, two full-height wardrobes keep long winter and evening clothes tidy. The two comfortable 80 x 200 or 195 cm beds can optionally be ordered with massage mattresses. At the head end, decorative chrome strips are inset into the wall panelling and are also equipped with dimmable LED ambient lighting. Together with the central ceiling light, the reading spotlights and the ambient lighting from the side ceiling canopies, there are various ways of creating effective and focused lighting. The wall units are concave towards the middle, allowing them to give the room a protective feeling, like a circular wall. Below the beds, a vast amount of storage space is available in the 124 cm high garage.

In the Integra 890 QB, the bedroom is dominated by the 1.5 x1.95 m central bed, which is flanked at the rear by two large wardrobes. The eye of the beholder is enchanted by the large wall panel behind the bed. The chrome strips with LED ambient lighting integrated into the wall bathe the bedroom in sparkling and shimmering mood lighting. The ceiling above the bed features wall units that are concave towards the centre and which turn into ceiling canopies extending towards the entrance. These elements are also equipped with dimmable ambient lighting and functional lighting. At the entrance to the bedroom, the ceiling canopies end in two further concave corner units. One is designed as a TV unit, while the other is a make-up and dressing unit. The steps up to the comfortable bed access are equipped with useful storage compartments. For unadulterated sleeping comfort, the central bed is equipped with an adjustable head section and massage mattress. Hydraulic bed height adjustment allows the height of the storage space in the rear to be enlarged to garage-sized proportions, enabling even bicycles to be loaded into the rear storage compartments.

In this case, the Integra profits from its 20-cm-high double floor, which increases the height of the garage. The floor storage compartments integrated into the walkway on the upper floor, as well as a central service compartment accessible from the outside, demonstrate the practical strengths of the double floor that is Eura Mobil's hallmark. With the water installation completely integrated into the heated double floor, the Integra models are also completely winter-proof. The modern superstructure technology with wood-free GRP walls bonded using adhesive technology also comes as standard with Eura Mobil - which means that the new Integra also comes with the 10-year leak guarantee for the superstructure right from the start.